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Jan. 23rd, 2009

So Laura comes into form today after luch, absolutley weeing herself.
Turns out, as she passed by the library, she saw a kid, tied to the railings, with his pants and his undies at his ankles. OhmyGod, it was so funny to hear!
When i asked her why on earth she didn't help him, she said that there was already some lass attempting to untie him....but failing miserably :L :L. Jeez, i lol'd. :L.

Jan. 22nd, 2009

T'other day funny, we were in the science lab, and i was chatting tae some people, with my back to the others at the front of the room.
Next thing i know, i'm hearing Mals scream and gushing water.
What beautiful sight meets my eyes when i spin round, you may ask? well, that would be the beautiful sight of literally gallons of crystal water flowing gracefully through the air in a large arc, ending on the floor - and Miss's desk - in plain sight of the corridoor beyond.
And where was this water coming from you may wonder? well, the answer to that is in the stament Mal announced just before this hilar event - "OHMYGOD i've never used the eye wash! What does it doooo??!!"
Awww jeez, i nearly peed myself i was laughing so hard :L

And then today, doing filming for Mals and Spans media, i had to be someone who had just had an experiment literally blow up in their face.
So there we are, hunting around for something to blacken my face with....a bit of whitboard pen? A smudge of charchol maybe? Oh no, i know! Let's use all of the black shit on these tripod gauzes! Fab idea Hozz (y). There's me, rubbing this black crap all over my face, teachers coming in and just walking strait back out again. :L
At least the filimg was funny tho. The end product is going to amaaaazing! I was nearly weeing again, it was so funny. :L We had to keep re-shooting it cas we simply couldn't stop laughing. :L
And my acting is just so bad! Plus we accidently filmed over a really important bit, so halfway through my very tense science experiment, it cuts to a prick with a face so blackened that you can't actually see any features apart from red lips, throwing a measuring cylinder up in the air and screaming "Ooooh!".
Lmaooooo t'was so funny though. :L


I have a question. How do you put pictures in your cmnts? I chagrins me that i do not know this. :(

Jaaast stuff.

Soooo. what's happened today? Not a lot i don't think.

Youknowwho decided to e-mail me again t'other day. It started out okay, both agreed not to let it stop again, but i'm still waiting for it diminish again.

Erm....I found this song -> Ultraviolet Sound - Dead On The Dancefloor. I LOVE it! It's not been off my speakers since i found it :D

What's made me laugh? Basically Twatlight.

Hahaa these vids some lad is posting are funny ass. He plays these songs and sings along to them, giving these shoutouts :L.

OhmyGod i'm putting it on now :L:L
The Bing Bong Brothers one is just as funny
As is Dick In A Box :L:L

So my day's been pretty mundane. Funniest thing was when this lad put a scarf around his waist and rolled up his pants so it looked like he only had the scarf on. I think the whole Form Room appreciated that. :L.

Why is this video freezing? It's ruining it. :(

Damn, i should get a shower. Instead of YouTubing this to make me laugh. :L

"You have recieved a new e-mail from Jenna at Accident Advice." 
WHOOO!!! Can't wait to read junk that! How come all of my e-mails are shit?

I cannot wait till i have enough money to buy all of the Smallville boxsets. My life is gunna be FAB! I know what i'll be doing everyday insead of hwk. :L. Hahaa.


"You have recieved a new e-mail from Laser Eye Surgery"  WHYYYY????! I don't NEEED laser eye surgery!! Jebus, i get THE best e-mails. :L.

So i had to do filming for a Media Studies thingy, i had to be filmed doing scientific stuff, with spots on my face, but we didn't have any fake spots, so Mal decided to felt-tip me. :L. I have to admitt, that did bring on the lulz when i saw how many she'd done. :L.

So can you do like, lil face things on here? Or not?

Whatevs....I better stop now, my hair needs a-washing. Urrrgh Drama Day tomorrow. Better not forget my hoodie. Atleast it means i know i don't have any hwk for tomorrow. I guess.

Must. Get. Into. The. Shakespeare. Zone.

Writer's Block: Starting Out Fresh

Many people believe that what you do on New Year's Day sets the tone for your entire year. How did you spend the first day of 2009? Do you think it will influence the rest of the year?
I hope not, i can't remember half of it.

First One.

Wow. My first one. Um, i don't really know what to put haha. How does this thing work? Lulz, someone is gunna have to show me.